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Urban & Rural accommodation, wellness retreats, outdoor events & farm experiences.

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Wedding & Events Venue

Make it happen

We offer solutions to host an intimate destination wedding in a special boutique environment, mixed in the midst of a green scenery and funky sustainable upcycling decoration.

Walk down our grapevine aisle, hold your special ceremony in the lush gardens of a farm villa, enjoy a delicious local organic feast surrounded by green and revamped architecture. Party under the moon and a star-filled sky.

We can support your special day with high-quality sound equipment, catering packages including local homemade products, wine and liquor, band suggestions, photography & film, handcrafted natural deco along with our beautiful sacred altar to behold your union.

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Garden <span class=&Outdoor Area">


Garden &Outdoor Area

We offer different materials from tables, chairs and carpets to setup your dream celebration. The property has 4 hectares and is divided into three sections: Villa Ana Maria which includes a pool and a pond area, followed by Vista da Sophia that sits right in our vegetable and fruit garden and Vila Emilia surrounded by our small passing river and the wellness centre.

Catering Service

Eat &Drink

Catering Service

We offer farm-to-table solutions depending on the number of guests and season availability. All our food is prepared and harvested freshly by hands and raised with huge amounts of love. We also have a list of partners that we can work in collaboration in case the number of people reach beyond 60. We include handcrafted table decorations from plants and other herbs that are collected in our own garden. All meals are designed in local foundations but with a touch of multicultural inspiration, always respecting the season and the environment.

Add-on Service

Have Fun

Add-on Service

If you are looking for an additional service, let us know and we will hand you over a list of partners we feel are in line with our beliefs. We want to help you create a sustainable, zero-waste and ethical wedding and present you alternatives to general plastic waste, fireworks, confetti and other materials that cause such a huge damage to our planet.

Swimming Pool

Just Chill

Swimming Pool

At the pool area, you can enjoy our beautiful garden and have a special guest reception and ceremony with nature as your background. Traditional farm-to-table meals can be arranged so you can try our fresh delicious food.




There are four buildings available for sleep arrangements. We have 15 individual beds and capacity for 22 people at the farmhouses plus plenty of room at the wellness centre for mattresses and even loads of space for camping. Feel free to reach us out to get a quote that matches your group size.

Planning an event for your guests?

If you feel like Quatro Anas Eco Farm is the right fit for your guests, let us know. We love challenges and bold people that think out-of-the-box.

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